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Internet dropout and slow speed issue FAQ

We are pride as our technician are licensed cablers and have worked on Telstra / nbn network also have hands on experience to pin point the fault in less time and make it cost effective for customer. Our technicians are expertise working on FTTN-FTTC-FTTP-FTTB technology. We use top rated testing tools to carry out fault finding and testing.

Why NBN internet drops out / Slow internet speed?

Cause - Multiple devices connected on phone cabling like inline ADSL filters and alarm system.

Solution - To eliminate this issue we can simply isolate this devices from cabling and have straight connection from socket to NBN lead in cable at your building entry point either Luca box or in the eves. Or we can install dedicated new internal cat5 cable from socket to nbn lead in cable entering in house in roof.

Cause - Multiple phone socket in house .faulty bridge tap( twisted joints ) in roof space.

Solution - Multiple phone socket was designed for old adsl connection. With NBN service you can only use one socket and other sockets become absolute. Even though you using one socket but other sockets are still connected to each other like chain connection in roof space. This is called bridge tap. Bridge tap can restrict nbn signal to divide and hence it causes high resistance as well as insulation fault. Easy way to get away with it ti isolate bridge tap from phone line or having new CAT6 cable run from socket to nbn lead in cable in eves.

1) why internet speed on wifi is slow?

Cause - Sometimes you may see your speed test shows good speed but when you try to watch videos on your device it lags so much. Reason for that could be so many devises connected to your wifi network on your modem which may cause congestion and structure of the house where many walls can cause obstruction to WIFI signal .

To eliminate this issue we can provide you solution as per size of the house and also types of devices been used for internet browsing.

We can install wifi extenders in some part of the house so you get good reception.

We can install dedicated data sockets for few devices like TV , Foxtel or gaming station which normally chew so much data while streaming.

Connecting this devises directly through data socket will relieve strain on wifi.

If you have any questions please give our expert a call to get correct advise to your problem. Our qualified team will provide you cost effective solution.

FAQs on CCTV system

1) Which CCTV system is good for me?

Answer - as variety off different CCTV system are available in market this days. We can advise you particular system which can suit to your budget as well as quality picture outcome.

2) Can I monitor my house surrounding remotely.?

Answer - absolutely yes. We will setup an APP on your mobile or IPAD which will allow you to access all cameras installed at you premises anywhere in the world.

3) Can I access backdated footage of my CCTV system.?

Answer - Yes. Network video recorder installed with CCTV cameras comes with hard drive where all CCTV footage are been stored. You can access any footage unless data on HDD is not rolled over.*

4) Will I get training how to access/ operate CCTV NVR?

Answer - Yes . we will provide necessary training to have better understanding on use of CCTV system.

5) Will I get notification on my mobile if any motion detected around my house when I am away?

Answer - Yes. Most CCTV system are designed to send alert notification to registered device if any motion detected when someone walk pass any camera.

6) What about warranty on CCTV products?

Answer - Yes. You will get 24 months to 36 months hardware warranty depend on brand of CCTV system. Warranty is not covered if any forceful or physical damage to any equipment also damage caused by lightning / electrical failure in house .

If you need more information or have any questions please call us to get free advise and quotes.