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Data & Telephone Sockets

If you are looking for a new phone line installation or telephone socket in your home/ apartment, then our team is there for you. We have a licensed telephone technician having an ACMA cabling license.

Our expert telephone technicians can do installing procedures easily and with no fuss, if you need a new telephone line in Perth. The one thing that you may need a telephone line installed for or to simply relocate your modem or handset, Data net cams technicians are able to install that for you. We are a registered phone line installation service provider in Perth and we will strive to meet your needs.

We have multiple years of experience to bear with each facet of your telephone phone line installation. We offer you the best services that value your money and time.

Triple Data & Telephone Outlet - RJ45 Socket

Product features

  • Data & Telephone Outlet RJ45 / CAT5E Socket

  • Three Socket Configuration

  • White Gloss Colour

  • It can be used Vertically or Horizontally

  • Fits all standard wall brackets

  • Complete with Backing Plate, Removable Cover, Mech and Screws

  • 7-Year Replacement Warranty

  • Australian Standards Approved


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