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Digital Antenna installation

Our licensed & qualified installers in Data cam net provide high quality low-cost digital antenna installation services for locals and businesses throughout Western Australia.

If you are looking to get quality HD pictures without any lag or noise disruption first thing is to have a quality digital antenna installed. Our qualified technician will determine and locate the perfect spot on your roof for getting the strongest, clearest signal possible.

There are various factors that can impact your signal quality. If your house has obstructions such as trees or large buildings to the distance from the local broadcast towers. Our experienced technician will measure the signal strength on your property to quickly identify the best location for your TV antenna installation. They will then securely mount the antenna and connect all the wiring necessary to deliver the best quality viewing experience possible for your family.

Our installations are fast, reliable, and professional; ensuring our customers are satisfied with every step of the process. Customer satisfaction helps grow business.

Digital antenna package:

1) Hills Black arrow True band active plus digital antenna( Product warranty 10 years)

    *Supplied and installed from $249

2) Hills silver dart digital antenna( product warranty 5 years) 

    *Supplied and installed from $229

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