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Home/Office networking

A strong internet connection is a backbone of home or office networking. No matter how big or small your business setup is, we are always ready to assist you to get the perfect connectivity depending upon your requirements.

Thinking of networking your home, apartment, or office? An uninterrupted home or office network is important groundwork for the future of entertainment and communication technology. For high-speed data download and video streaming services like Netflix, Spotify, YouTube, need a perfect network at home or office. A high-speed structured network is an initial step to having an ever-expanding network to support anything all the way up to a full home or office automation. 

We are leading design and installation services providers in Perth for both commercial and industrial applications. We can assist you to provide a stable, affordable, and quality cabling solution at home or office.

Services: Home or office networking solutions, Home or office internet installation, network cable wiring repairs, cat6 installation, Ethernet and Network Point Installation, and much more


  • Improved network and high internet speed
  • High-Speed Wi-Fi Coverage
  • Shared storage systems (NAS, SAN)
  • Video and document streaming
  • Redundant nightly/weekly backup systems
  • Redundant CCTV storage
  • Low-ping gaming
  • Whole-home audio
  • Support for complete bandwidth usage of NBN Fibre connections.

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