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MDF Jumpering A to B side

The data net cam team can do MDF jumpering / repairs and telephone line cabling to connect your phone / ADSL service in multi-dwelling complexes in WA. 

If you are living in an apartment or strata units most internet service providers will provide you service up to MDF ( Main Distribution Frame) in front of the property. Services are usually tagged on MDF with your details written on it.

Depending on the wiring structure every unit telephone cables in the apartment block or in strata block are run-up to MDF. Our qualified technician can trace cable from your unit till MDF and perform jumper connection to connect service from MDF A side to B side cable heading to your socket.

We will also check the quality of the cable and will advise you if any repairs or upgrades are required on the B side cable. ( We can quote you separately while onsite ).

*A to B MDF connection price starts from $ 120

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