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NBN compatible cabling

When you are planning to move to the NBN(national broadband network), then cabling/wiring is an important thing. You can approach a registered cabler to discuss the cabling plan where you need it in your home/ apartment.

Our technicians are fully qualified ACMA registered cablers. We can provide a new DATA socket/telephone socket as per your requirement. Telephone cabling in most houses in Perth is designed to work for traditional phone lines and ADSL. Since NBN has been rolled out all around it's time to consider removing old wiring in the house as it causes so much interference to the NBN signal hence it causes slow speed and dropout issues. (Put FAQ link here).

Our technician can run a dedicated CAT5 / 6 line from eves (lead-in cable from the street to the house is located in eves most of the time) of your house to the socket. Upon finishing the job we will also test the speed of your internet service.

*Price available from $210

Note- We only provide services for standard single-story house and single-story commercial premises.

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