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WIFI extender installation

Wifi Extender Ubiquiti Networks UniFi AC 3

Worried about the weak WiFi connection in WA? Then you might help with WiFi extender or WiFi booster installation. Our professional technicians can install a device called a WiFi extender in your home, apartment, and/or business that will considerably increase your WiFi range. 

The standard modem comes with a wireless connection option. The wireless signal on the modem can only give you good internet speed at a certain distance from the modem. If you are struggling to receive a good amount of signal bit away from the modem location in your premise then installing Ubiquiti AC light wifi extender will give you fast speed reception in other areas in the premise.

Our technician can have a chat with you and will determine the best location to install a WIFI extender in your house so you can enjoy good speed internet even if you are in the backyard or in the rear room of the house.

*Prices available from $400

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